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Cook Islands Tourism Industry Committee 2019-20

Executive Committee


Liana Scott
General Manager, Muri Beach Club Hotel
Phone: 55089 Email:


Greg Stanaway
CEO – Pacific Resort Hotel Group
Phone: 55163 Email:


Brent Hayden
Proprietor - Coral Sands
Phone: 51959 Email:


Betsy Eisler
Proprietor – Palm Grove Resort
Phone: 55246 Email:

Executive Members

Des Eggleton
Proprietor – Te Vakaroa Villas
Phone: 55289 Email:

Chris Doran
Head of Business Banking – Bank of South Pacific
Phone: 22829 Email:

Tim Meyer
Manager - Royale Takitumu
Phone: 24682 Email:

Shona Lynch
Proprietor - Cook Islands Holiday Villas
Phone: 55271 Email:

Julie Tamaariki
Proprietor - Ariki Holidays
Phone: 57962 Email:

Mareko Boyd
Proprietor, Holiday Houses Rarotonga
Phone: 55250 Email:

Robert Skews
CEO, Turama Pacific Travel Group
Phone: 55039 Email:

Our Directives

Work closely with the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation to ensure that the opinions and needs of our members are effectively communicated by:

  • Making provision for regular meetings and providing a conduit through our website for members to express their opinions and read those of others.
  • Consolidating and conveying those opinions to the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation board, CEO and the Minister of Tourism.
  • Holding regular discussions between the Industry Council and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation executive team.
  • Establish working groups to assist in the formulation of new policy as well as assisting in the implementation of existing policy (destination profiling, long term marketing planning, accreditation plus environmental and infrastructure issues).

Work with government departments, NGO’s and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation to assist in the strengthening of our tourism infrastructure (water, electricity, human resources/training, security, plus airline access and capacity).

Identify, collate and provide on our website important resources to assist our members to operate their businesses more efficiently, such as: legislation, environmental initiatives/resources, market intelligence, statistically based local and regional competitiveness data, bad debtor warnings, convicted staff members, human resources forms, cultural resources, best industry practices, tourism consultants, live bands, cultural dance groups, supplier companies etc.