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General Manager – Manuia Beach Resort
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CEO – Pacific Resort Hotel Group
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General Manager – Little Polynesian
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Executive Members

Des Eggleton
Te Vakaroa Villas
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Peter Heays
Spacific Marketing
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John Webb
General Manager - Turama Pacific Travel Group
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Bob Taylor
General Manager – Edgewater Resort
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Wayne Sheard
General Manager – Moana Sands Beachfront Hotel & Villas
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Chris Doran
Head of Business Banking – Bank of South Pacific
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Our Directives

Work closely with the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation to ensure that the opinions and needs of our members are effectively communicated by:

Work with government departments, NGO’s and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation to assist in the strengthening of our tourism infrastructure (water, electricity, human resources/training, security, plus airline access and capacity).

Identify, collate and provide on our website important resources to assist our members to operate their businesses more efficiently, such as: legislation, environmental initiatives/resources, market intelligence, statistically based local and regional competitiveness data, bad debtor warnings, convicted staff members, human resources forms, cultural resources, best industry practices, tourism consultants, live bands, cultural dance groups, supplier companies etc.

Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council Constitution


1.1. The name of the Society shall be Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council Incorporated.


2.1. “CITIC” shall mean Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council Incorporated.
“Ordinary Member” shall mean a member accepted for membership pursuant to Article 5.
“Associate Member” shall mean a member accepted as an associate member pursuant to Article 6.
“Member” shall mean an Ordinary Member or an Associate Member.
“Executive Committee” means the Executive Committee of CITIC.
“CITIC Meeting” means either an AGM, a SGM or a GM.
“AGM” means the annual general meeting of the CITIC.
“SGM” means a special general meeting of the CITIC.
“GM” means a general meeting of the CITIC.
Executive Meeting” means a meeting of the Executive Committee.


3.1 The registered office of the CITIC shall be at Muri, PO Box 379, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. CITIC may also have offices at such other places as the Executive Council may from time to time determine.


4.1. The objectives of the CITIC shall be:
(a) The promotion, protection, encouragement and advancement of tourism activities throughout the Cook Islands
(b) The promotion and protection of the general welfare of the Cook Islands tourism.
(c) To research and disseminate information relating to the tourism industry.
(d) To promote the standing of CITIC to the general public as the central point of comment for our industry by our industry by publicising as required through various means, our stance and activities on issues.
(e) To take steps from time to time as the CITIC may consider necessary to give publicity to the Cook Islands.
(f) To co-operate and/or affiliate with any society, Club or Association, having similar objects, either nationally or internationally.
(g) To actively pursue dialogue with government agencies on tourism policy and to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, that there is representation of CITIC in all decision making relating to tourism in the Cook Islands.


5.1. Membership of the CITIC shall be open to any person, partnership, firm, company, incorporated society, statutory body or any other legal entity that is:
(a) accredited under the Cook Island Tourism Corporation accreditation scheme; or
(b) approved for membership by the Executive Committee; or
(c) invited to become a member by the Executive Committee and has accepted such an invitation.

5.2. A candidate for membership shall complete an application form and submit it to the Secretary for approval by the Executive Committee.

5.3. A Member shall be entitled to resign from membership by delivering written notice to the Secretary. In addition, a Member may be removed from the register of members by decision of the Executive Committee for either non payment of subscription fees or for unbecoming behaviour or acting in a manner contrary to the interests of the CITIC. Determining the grounds for removal shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee but may include, (and will not be limited to), loss of accreditation. Following the decision of the Executive Committee, the Secretary shall send a letter notifying that the Member has been removed from the register of members.

5.4. An updated membership list will be held by the Secretary.


6.1 The membership of the CITIC shall be comprised of:
(a) Ordinary Member – a member who is eligible and accepted for membership pursuant to Article 5 and who has paid the annual subscription, set in accordance with Article 7.
(b) Associate Member – a member who has accepted an invitation from the Executive Committee to become an associate member. An Associate Member shall not be required to pay the annual subscription fee.

6.2 Associate Members shall be entitled to attend and speak at any CITIC Meeting but shall not have a vote at any meeting.


7.1. The annual subscription payable by Ordinary Members shall be recommended by the Executive Committee to the AGM and shall be fixed at that meeting. If the subscription is not fixed at the AGM, it shall be the same as the previous year.

7.2. The annual subscription shall cover the period of 1st July to the 30th June in each year and shall be payable in advance.

7.3. Members who are not financial shall not be entitled to vote at meetings.

7.4. At an AGM, financial members from the preceding year may vote.


8.1. The Executive Committee shall consist of not less than eight nor more than ten Ordinary Members who shall hold office from the date of election until the end of the next ensuing AGM. The actual number of representative elected to serve on the Executive Committee shall be determined at each AGM, taking into account the recommendations of the previous Executive Committee and the anticipated work load for the ensuing year.

8.2. The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such additional Ordinary Members as the AGM has determined pursuant to 8.1 above. The AGM shall be entitled to determine that the positions of Secretary and Treasurer be amalgamated in any given year.

8.3. No business shall be conducted at any Executive Committee meeting unless there is a quorum of four executives.


9.1. The management and control of the affairs of the CITIC shall be vested in the Executive Committee which (in addition to any other powers expressly conferred upon it by this Constitution) may carry into effect all or any of the objectives of the CITIC.

9.2. The Executive Committee is hereby empowered to act as mediator or arbitrator in any dispute amongst its members provided the parties concerned are agreeable and express an undertaking that the decision of the Committee shall be binding on all concerned.

9.3. The Executive Committee is hereby empowered to expend the funds of the CITIC for such purposes as are consistent with the needs of CITIC. The Executive Committee is empowered to invest or reinvest funds in such security or securities upon such terms and conditions as the Executive Committee shall decide. The Executive Committee shall not however be empowered to commit expenditure beyond the level of funds held in the CITIC bank accounts. Expenditure above the level of funds in the CITIC bank accounts will require approval at a general meeting of Members.

9.4. The Executive Committee shall cause minutes to be kept of all meetings of the Executive Committee and such minutes shall be available for inspection by any Member of CITIC. The Executive Committee however shall be entitled, in the interests of protecting any Member, to hold such discussions in camera and for minutes not to be kept of those discussions.

9.5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt any member including representatives of industry councils or affiliated associations from time to time to advise, but that person shall have no voting rights.

9.6. Notwithstanding any determination of the AGM to amalgamate the positions of Secretary and Treasurer in any given year, the Executive Committee shall be entitled to separate the positions and appoint one of it’s members to hold the outstanding position where the workload of either the Secretary or Treasurer has increased significantly.

9.7. The Executive Committee may regulate their meetings as they think fit. Meetings may be held by telephone or conference call, through Skype or in such other manner as the Executive Committee shall decide. Decisions of the Executive Committee shall be by majority. The President shall have both a deliberative and a casting vote.


10.1. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of President or a Vice-President, the vacancy is to be filled at the next General Meeting of the CITIC. Seven days notice of the purpose of such a meeting shall be given to all Ordinary Members of the CITIC.

10.2. In the event of any other vacancy on the Executive Committee (whether by death, resignation, dismissal, termination of membership of CITIC or otherwise) the Executive Committee may determine either to leave the position vacant until the next AGM or may fill the vacancy by appointing another Ordinary Member of CITIC.


11.1 The CITIC shall be entitled to appoint subcommittees at any CITIC Meeting as and when necessary. Each subcommittee shall have as many Members as are determined necessary by the meeting which establishes the subcommittee provided however that at least one Executive Committee member shall be included in every subcommittee.


12.1. The accounts of the CITIC shall be audited each year, by an auditor appointed at the AGM of the CITIC. If the position of auditor shall become vacant during the year, the Executive Committee shall appoint another person as auditor.


13.1. A solicitor to the CITIC may be appointed by the Executive Committee to act as the legal adviser to the CITIC from time to time.


14.1. The financial year of the CITIC shall be from 01 July until the 30th June next following.


15.1. The AGM of the CITIC shall be held not later than three calendar months after the end of the financial year at such time and place as may be fixed by the Executive Committee.

15.2. At least fourteen days written notice of such AGM and the agenda, shall be given to the Members by the Secretary, by circular posted or sent by electronic mail to every Member, addressed to such member at his or its last known address. In addition, an advertisement will be placed in a local newspaper at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

15.3. The business to be transacted at the AGM shall include:
(a) The reading and adoption of the minutes of the last annual general meeting and/or extraordinary general meeting and discussion of matters arising therefrom.
(b) Presentation of the annual report of the President of CITIC.
(c) The tabling of reports for the year and audited financial accounts by the Treasurer.
(d) Election of the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary,Treasurer and such number of executive members as have been determined pursuant to Article 8.1 for the ensuing year.
(e) Appointment of the Auditor for the ensuing year.
(f) Setting of Subscription Fees for the ensuing year.
(g) Such other matters notified in the agenda circulated to Members.
(h) General business.

15.4. Where urgent matters arise, an SGM may be convened by order of the President or a Vice-President or by six ordinary members of the CITIC. At least two days written notice of such a meeting and the agenda, shall be given to the Members by the Secretary, by circular posted or sent by electronic mail to every Member, addressed to such Member at his or its last known address

15.5. All CITIC Meetings shall be chaired by the President and in his/her absence a Vice-President. In the event of the President and both Vice-Presidents being absent, a member of the Executive Committee shall be elected as Chairman by those present.

15.6. A GM shall be held at least quarterly. The time and place of the next GM shall be decided at each GM. The Secretary will make every effort to send out a reminder to all Members one week prior to the GM but failure to do so shall not invalidate the meeting.

15.7. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at least 8 times per year.


16.1. The quorum for any CITIC Meeting shall be ten Ordinary Members, present either in person or by written proxy.

16.2. If within half an hour from the time appointed for a CITIC Meeting the required number of Members is not present, the meeting, if a SGM shall lapse without prejudice to the calling of another meeting for the same purpose; if a GM or AGM it shall stand adjourned for one week at the same time and at such place as the Chairman shall appoint. [when those attending the adjourned meeting shall form a quorum??].


17.1. No Member whose subscription is in arrears shall be allowed to vote in any meeting of the CITIC apart from at the AGM as stated in Article 7.4 above.

17.2. Every question submitted to any CITIC Meeting shall be decided in the first instance on the voices but if requested by three or more Members, by a show of hands, provided however, if requested by five or more Members the vote shall be by secret ballot.

17.3. The procedure for a secret ballot is as follows:
(a) The Chairman shall clearly explain to the meeting the matter to be voted on, before voting takes place.
(b) The Secretary shall issue to each Ordinary Member present in person or the proxy present on behalf of another Ordinary Member a piece of paper which shall be the ballot form.
(c) Before any voting takes place the meeting shall appoint two scrutineers who shall be responsible for the collection, checking and counting of the ballot.
(d) The decision of the scrutineers shall be final.
(e) All ballot papers shall be kept on file for twelve months in case of any dispute.

17.4. The Chairman shall be entitled to exercise both a deliberative and a casting vote.

17.5. Voting by proxy shall be permitted only if the proxy is in writing and lodged with the Secretary prior to the meeting.

17.6. No Member shall hold more than 2 proxy votes in additional to any vote they may have themselves except as provided for in 17.7 below

17.7. In recognition of travel costs for outer islands members, a Member who resides in an outer island may carry up to 10 proxy votes from Ordinary Members who reside in that same island. Advice of this must be received by the Secretary 24 hours before the meeting.


18.1 CITIC may acquire, buy, purchase, lease or mortgage any real or personal property and any rights or privileges which CITIC considers necessary, and may sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of such property, rights or privileges.


19.1 CITIC may employ such staff as the Executive Committee consider necessary and upon such terms and conditions of employment as the Executive Committee shall decide.


20.1 The Executive Committee shall, wherever necessary or advantageous to CITIC, appoint any Ordinary Member [or member of Executive Committee??] to be a delegate or representative of CITIC at any meeting of any association, organisation or body, whether incorporated or unincorporated.

20.2 Any Member appointed as delegate or representative shall attend such meetings as the Executive Committee directs; shall only express opinions that are consistent with the opinions held by the Executive Committee; and shall furnish a written report on the business and proceedings of such meetings.


21.1 All communications with the media and other outside organisations, and any press releases issued, shall be undertaken by the President or a Vice President or, where that is not possible or practicable, by another ordinary Member with the express prior approval of the President or a Vice President.


22.1 The President shall preside at all CITIC Meetings and Executive Meetings, however in his or her absence for any reason a Vice President shall preside.

22.2 The President shall, with the assistance of the Secretary and Treasurer, superintend the general administration of the affairs of CITIC and shall ensure compliance with these rules and any policies of CITIC.

22.3 The President shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the business of CITIC and shall sign the minutes of each CITIC Meeting and Executive Meeting after such minutes have been approved.

22.4 The President shall be responsible for convening the first Executive Meeting after the AGM.


23.1 The Vice Presidents shall, in the absence of the President, carry out the duties of the President and otherwise shall support the President.


24.1 The Secretary shall carry out all secretarial and clerical duties for and on behalf of the Executive Committee and CITIC.

24.2 The Secretary shall keep a register of Members.

24.3 The Secretary shall keep minutes of all CITIC Meetings and Executive Meetings.

24.4 The Secretary shall assist the President in the preparation of the annual report.

24.5 The Secretary shall carry out those duties as are imposed elsewhere in these rules.

24.6 The Secretary, in consultation with the President, will provide an agenda for each meeting.


25.1 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the overall management and expenditure of all monies and funds received or held by CITIC.

25.2 The Treasurer shall issue proper receipts for all monies received by CITIC.

25.3 The Treasurer shall co-sign each cheque on behalf of CITIC and shall not delegate this authority.

25.4 The Treasurer shall prepare a quarterly financial statement and present it to the Executive Committee at the next Executive Meeting.

25.5 The Treasurer shall arrange for all accounts of CITIC to be audited and shall ensure that the auditors report is presented to the AGM.

25.6 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the opening and operation of such bank accounts as the Executive Committee may consider necessary.


24.1. The rules of the CITIC may be amended, rescinded or added to with the consent of two-thirds of the Members present at an SGM called for that purpose or an AGM.

24.2. Notice of any proposal to alter, amend, vary, add to or repeal any provision of these rules must be in writing and delivered to the Secretary not less than 21 days (or such lesser time as the Executive Committee may agree) before the date fixed for the AGM or SGM, and the notice of the AGM or SGM to Members shall briefly state the nature of the amendment proposed.


25.1. Every Member shall be bound by and submit to the rules of the CITIC and every decision, ruling or policy made by the Executive Committee shall be binding on all Members of CITIC.

25.2. The Executive Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and it may determine any point which is not covered or is inadequately covered by these rules. Any determination by the Executive Committee shall be binding and final.

25.3. Any members aggrieved by a rules decision may request the decision to be reviewed at a CITIC Meeting to be held within two months of such decision.


26.1.The CITIC may be dissolved on a resolution passed by two-third of the members present at an SGM called for that purpose, and otherwise shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act 1994.

26.2. In the event of CITIC becoming dissolved all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of CITIC shall be paid and the remaining funds, together with the proceeds from the sale of any assets of CITIC shall be applied as determined by the Members present at the meeting at which the decision to dissolve shall have been made.

27. SEAL

27.1 CITIC shall have a common seal and the Secretary shall provide for the safe keeping of the seal, which shall only be used with the authority of the Executive Committee and every instrument to which the seal is affixed shall be signed by the President and shall be countersigned by a second member of the Executive Committee.