Tourism Industry Accreditation Scheme

Welcome to the newly redeveloped Cook Islands Tourism Accreditation and Quality Assurance Programme. The programme builds on the strengths of the previous accreditation programme and is designed to be an inclusive, fair system that promotes acceptable minimum standards across the tourism industry.

While a lot of work has gone into the development of this programme, nothing is perfect the first time, and this programme is designed to be flexible in the standards and to be able to grow and adapt to the needs of the Cook Islands Tourism Industry and our clients. The programme is voluntary, however membership is strongly advised as you are still required to be accredited in order to be represented by the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

You do not need to be a member of the Cook Islands Tourism Industy Council to be accredited, and accreditation fees do not represent membership in the Council, however I do encourage all businesses to support the work of the Council through becoming a member.

Thank you to the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, the members of the accreditation sub committee and all other volunteers who have given their time to establish this programme.

Cook Islands Tourism Accreditation and Quality Assurance ProgrammeSue Fletcher-Vea
Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council

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Introduction Accreditation Form Accredited Businesses